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05 May 2013 @ 08:18 pm
007 yours,  
PG-13 | EunHae | AU, Friendship, Romance

Summary: In which the letters are bold and they’re running low on ink.
A/N: The working title was ‘Dear M’ because I was like I want to be addressed as M by someone and then let’s write letters to each other and fall in love so I want to flail. So anyway, this fic resulted from all that jazz.



I'm pleased to tell you that the kids are fine.  And that they miss you.  (They told me so.)  And that they're starting to like books, too, just like their babysitter.   They also asked me to tell you that they're waiting for you to come visit.



Jinyoung had finally learned how to tie his shoelaces properly today.  Seolbin was watching him with her bright eyes as usual, and kept on glancing at her perfectly tied shoes.  Taeyeon walked them to the day care before she went to school, probably.

I saw them off and checked the mailbox right after.  I smiled as soon as I recognize the texture of the paper of one particular envelope addressed to me.  I walked back to the house and sought the comfort of my kitchen, where I poured grapefruit juice on a glass while I read the letter.



Tell the kids their most favorite uncle in the world is coming to visit as soon as he finishes things with the contractor.  What sort of books are they interested in these days?  I'd want to buy them something, you see. (Speaking of you, you should call me.  But because you're terribly shy, I'd call you as soon as I'm not busy.)



"Daddy, I want to have peanut butter for dinner," Seolbin said as soon as Taeyeon bade goodbye.

"By peanut butter, do you mean peanut butter sandwich or just peanut butter?"  I asked, because it's better to be clear when dealing with my children.

She thoughtfully sighed, glancing at Jinyoung for some sort of answer - because big brothers always seem to have the answers, and told me, "Just peanut butter."

Jinyoung was too busy putting his coloring books back into his bag to care, apparently.  I cleared my throat to get his attention, "Well, I appreciate your opinion, Seolbin.  But I want to know what Jinyoung wants for dinner, too.  Because, you know, we have to be fair."

With that, she stared at her brother.

He looked from her to me and then back at her again.  He told me, "I'd eat whatever you prepared, Daddy."

"And I prepared vegetables," I said and watched Seolbin pout.  I immediately coaxed her, "But, we can all have a little peanut butter for dessert because I completely ruined the apple pie!"



I think it's better if you surprise the kids, instead?  Bring them coloring books - they terribly like those, and perhaps Dr. Seuss?  As for the call, I would wait.  But when are you ever not busy?



The next few weeks were relatively calmer than usual.  Jinyoung proceeded to have lunch with his friends and their respective families while Taeyeon “borrowed” Seolbin so they can go out and shop for new clothes.

I stayed at home and tried to tidy up the house.  Summer break was upon us and the two kids were bound to make a mess out of everything.  I had originally planned to have all three of us on a road trip to their grandparents’ but I changed my mind after going to the supermarket with them last week where Jinyoung knocked over a perfect stack of cans of legumes and Seolbin opened a pack of Skittles before I could pay them.

Last week was, in a word, a disaster.

Well, except for a few phone calls at the wee hours of the morning - ungodly, but for reasons that I, personally, find rather happiness-inducing.



I’d like you to know that my plane leaves in exactly 34 hours (so your reply can wait until I’ve surprised the kids).  Also, I certainly heard the excitement in your voice (which is still as lovely as ever) over the books I bought yesterday.  I’ll call you once I’ve touched down in one piece.  I’d see you soon.



The pizza turned out perfectly.  Seolbin and Jinyoung were watching me when I pulled it out of the oven.  When the doorbell rang, Seolbin was hesitant to go answer because THERE’S PIZZA.  Jinyoung, on the other hand, asked me if he could answer the door.  I told him he could and I also asked Seolbin to go, because we all should go see who it was.

The reunion was loud.  Seolbin leapt at Hyukjae the moment she recognized him, yelling, “Uncle Hyukjae!” in an almost-screech.  Jinyoung was equally surprised, and he hugged Hyukjae’s leg in the process of welcoming him.

“I’m going to go get pizza for everybody, then?”  I told the crowd of three.

“I’d go take Uncle’s bags upstairs!”

“I’d help him!”

“Be careful, then.  Thank you, Sir and Ma’am.”

Hyukjae smiled at me, then, and followed me to the kitchen.  “Hey.”

“Hey,” I replied, embarrassed now that he’s finally here again, after about a year of being away.  “How was your flight?”

But he didn’t answer.  Instead, he aggressively walked over to me, trapping me against the counter and kissed me.

“The kids…”

He nodded and let me go after a quick peck on the lips.  “Later, then.”


Seolbin was in love with Hyukjae, apparently.  She told us over dinner how she would marry someone like him.  Jinyoung interjected, of course.  He told her she’s too young to get married so she said okay, when she’s old enough, she’d marry someone like Hyukjae.

The argument eventually died down because they were too tired from all the cooking that today involved.  They wanted to sleep almost right away and Hyukjae graced them with bedtime stories as I washed the dishes.

I walked over to the kids’ room as soon as I finish cleaning up downstairs.  Hyukjae was just about to leave when I excused myself so I could kiss the kids before they finally dozed off.

Hyukjae then ushered me out and we went to the guest room so he could unpack.


“How’s life in France?”

He beamed as he unzips the bigger of his bags.  “Lonely.  And especially unromantic.”

“Liar,” I told him.  “Tell me how it really is.”

“France is wonderful, of course.  You know how completely I am in love with France, let’s not talk about this,” he said, pinching the bridge of my nose.  “How are you?”

“Well, the kids are, as you can see, kids.”

“I said you.  Not the kids.”

I blinked twice before I said, “I’m…   Well, I’m the same as usual.  Fatherhood is not my thing, as you know.  So I’ve been really, well, busy.”  He didn’t say anything so I continued, “Since I’m not able to write anything, well, it’s nice that you write despite your busy life.”

He smiled.  “Your letters make me incredibly happy, too.”

I felt my face heat up, blushing from embarrassment.  I had never been good with words or actions or anything at all when it comes to things or people that matter most to me – like my children, and Hyukjae.

“You know, I’m tired and this bed is incredibly messy.  Why don’t I sleep in your bed tonight?”

“Y-yeah, I’ll sleep on the couch, then.”



“Shut up and stop being so shy around me,” he said, grasping at my shoulders.  “I’m your boyfriend, for heaven’s sake.”


Jinyoung attacked the new coloring books with determination.  He particularly liked the one with the globe, saying he wanted to be the first president of the world.  Seolbin settled on the more basic ones with uncolored Disney princesses and proceeded with her varying shades of pink crayons.

Hyukjae watched them with curiosity and I watched him watching my children, looking at them as if they were his own.

The kids were on the floor while the two of us were sitting on the couch behind them.  Hyukjae put his arms around my shoulder and pulled me closer, and he whispered, “I wonder if we could call in the babysitter?”

“Why?”  I whispered back.

He shrugged and replied in a hushed voice, “Stuff.”


The only summer activity we deprived Taeyeon of was her re-reading of The Great Gatsby – which was overrated, to be honest.   The kids were off to the backyard where Hyukjae and I had set up an inflatable pool.

We quietly made our way out of the house and I let him take me to this quaint house that had a dramatic view of the lake, about thirty minutes drive from the house.  He unlocked the door and it smelled of fresh paint and wood.

“Come here,” he said as he walked over to what seemed like a bedroom.  And it was a bedroom, as it turned out, but the mattress had not been previously used.  He pushed it off the wall and motioned for me to come closer.

He kissed me.

His lips were warm against mine and one of his hands was around my neck, pushing at my nape so we were infinitesimally closer.  The other was gripping at my back.

My arms lacked strength and will.  They were just hanging blithely on my sides as I focused on responding to his passionate kiss.  We were soon on the mattress, with him on top of me, and he broke away for a while, telling me how much he missed this with me and that France sucks without me.

I blushed, and my hands began to become responsive, as they wound over his back.

“I love you.”

He smirked and stopped altogether.  We were both trying to catch our breaths.



I might have told the kids how I love you?  Help?




Please tell the kids that I’m a phone call away and that I love the three of you.  Also, please tell them that France doesn’t feel as grandiose as it did before.  Plus, there’s this house I bought months ago.  I’d show it to them once I get back. And, then, maybe we can all live together?  I mean, for good?  Because that would be fun, I think.  Don’t you think so?




Seolbin thinks it would be so much fun to have you around, uhm, “forever”; while Jinyoung says it would be nice.  And if you’re asking me to marry you or something, you know you don’t even have to ask.

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ascalpeladayascalpeladay on May 6th, 2013 09:30 am (UTC)

and i need to go and buy dinner
ascalpeladayascalpeladay on May 7th, 2013 02:14 pm (UTC)
Overdue coherent comment
As always, I was expecting for the worst because with you I'll never know if they'll end up together but they're dead. Or one of the kills the other one. SO THANK THE HIGH HEAVENS.

Though I may have questions about story backgrounds and such (which we have already discussed anyway) i'm happy you wrote them to be ending up together. YES THEY DID END UP TOGETHER DO NOT CONTEST.

And people are commenting long and lovely its amazing i'm sure you feel fluffy. And their comments are better than mine but what the hell anyway you know i miss you whats happening i'm in eternal sadness we're not talking and it doesnt feel complete anyway you're prolly writing some more so the clingy me will have to wait until you initiate one of our all-nighters.

CHEERS!!! (This comment sounds so formal tho how even)
"CHEERS!!!"??? - saltedboots on May 11th, 2013 09:43 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: "CHEERS!!!"??? - ascalpeladay on May 13th, 2013 01:04 am (UTC) (Expand)
lamppylamppy on May 6th, 2013 10:25 am (UTC)
hmm.. tell me, is it your writing skills or just opinion about you that make me nervous every time I read your story? haha Even though everything is fine in this story, reading was somehow nerve wrenching... And I say it as a compliment, I hope it's clear.
I love your writing so much, your ability to put so much content in such little amount of words is just fascinating! Who are you? Can I read other of your stories beside Eunhae somewhere?!

This story...ends happily, right? There's no question about it, since Hyuk wants to live with all of them, he says he loves all of them, and even France isn't as interesting as before. But there is something sad in this story, right? I didn't only imagine that?
There is something sad about Donghae at home with kids and Hyuk in France. There is something sad about that Hyuk loves France and "let's not talk about it." There is something sad that Donghae blends thinking about himself and kids together, and even though he's doing great job as a father, he isn't happy. And finally there is something really sad about that he doesn't feel confident around Hyukjae at all.
I really like how you always leave a room for imagination and speculations(?) in your stories. Like I have to guess why Donghae lives with children alone, what's his story with Hyukjae e.t.c. It's something I never managed to do in my own stories, because it's really subtle difference between open plot and incomplete plot. And I love the open part in yours.
Seriously though, do you write a lot? I mean beside this? Any chances for longer stories...?
saltedboots: cat: dreamysaltedboots on May 6th, 2013 11:25 pm (UTC)
how not to be awkward at talking to people because i love this comment omg
Thank you for taking the time to write this comment lol it's so long! So IDK what you mean, why does it make you nervous?? "WHO ARE YOU?" OTL i want to cry (but also in a good way?)

As for me, this story has already ended. And despite the things you pointed out about it having underlying sadness, I guess for me it is happy. Because after all, one has to sacrifice things to be happy (or so they say). The open plot is probably because it's not really important to this phase of the story - i.e., they've moved on from whatever tragedies/unfortunate events that had happened prior (or it just be me being lazy! OTL).

I write too much, to be honest! >__<

LJ IS A STRANGE PLACE - saltedboots on May 7th, 2013 09:54 am (UTC) (Expand)
thesaddestlovethesaddestlove on May 6th, 2013 12:27 pm (UTC)
I skimmed through the fic and OMFG I'm SO EXCITED TO READ THIS I THINK I LOVE IT ALREADY. I will come back from my dish washing duties and read this and possibly die. <333333

I'm back.

OH MY GOD. This is so cute and funny and sweet and just everything I want, right now. There's something about either or both of them having kids that just tugs at my heartstrings, in a really good way. Donghae is so cute, being shy and adorable, and just lovely ahfjsagha. And Hyukjae. I really like how he can't seem to keep his hands off Donghae, which I completely understand because, they've been separated for one year and WELL, IT'S DONGHAE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. Also, the fact that they exchange letters, even with the existence of Facebook/E-mail, is so, so precious. I think that, when you write someone a letter, you put a little bit more of you and your heart, onto that piece of paper. This is just so sweet without being too cheesy, it's just right. Perfect.


me rn:

Edited at 2013-05-06 12:52 pm (UTC)
saltedboots: cat: dreamysaltedboots on May 6th, 2013 11:30 pm (UTC)
how are the dishes?
Thanks for the comment! (Aaaand now I know that one can actually add gifs to the comments now I just have to figure out how to do that)

I don't know there's something about Donghae being a dad that is sooooo adorable! And then they watch over the kids together and LET ME JUST. I'm glad you like that too! The thing about letters is that they're tangible. Unlike emails or other sorts of messages or unspoken feelings. So, perhaps, what they share is... also, in a way, tangible (i ramble lol).

(Deleted comment)
saltedboots: cat: dreamysaltedboots on May 6th, 2013 11:31 pm (UTC)
Awww I appreciate the speechlessness lol. You're welcome! Thank you for taking time to read it. :)
Cleiamyeolraftw on May 7th, 2013 03:54 am (UTC)
discreetly typing cause i'm at work/ojt T_____T
I'm fascinated with the idea of Donghae or EunHae rather? having twins (uhmm... kinda deluded myself that them kids are twins BECAUSE I CAN AND I WANT THEM TO. HA-HA-HA-HA). And I love that even in this age of technology where handphones and internet exist, they keep on writing letters to each other which is something they can hold on to, and is typically deeper and in many cases more genuine.

I was expecting for a full-blown angst towards the middle since you're a meany and thank heavens that there is none. Haha. IT'S DEFINITELY YOUR FAULT that I become like this, wary and always on guard when reading your fics!! :P

The Great Gatsby – which was overrated, to be honest. *cackling maniacally*
Cleiamyeolraftw on May 7th, 2013 05:07 am (UTC)
Re: discreetly typing cause i'm at work/ojt T_____T
P.S. Why are they writing such short letters. o.O
Hey, Poop! - saltedboots on May 11th, 2013 09:47 am (UTC) (Expand)
Lightlight_on_oceans on May 7th, 2013 08:41 pm (UTC)
awww i love the ending! and I'm your boyfriend, for heaven's sake <3
shinnyluvssujushinnyluvssuju on May 7th, 2013 08:50 pm (UTC)
Very sweet, the letters are really cute.
cleonhartcleonhart on May 8th, 2013 01:31 am (UTC)
oday-ladaylajames13 on May 8th, 2013 04:01 am (UTC)
This is so beautiful..
I got nothing to say left....
ashheemiashheemi on May 8th, 2013 08:59 am (UTC)
So cute! I wanna know what happens next. B)
nonogeje_gila on May 8th, 2013 05:26 pm (UTC)
I need five minutes to gather my thoughts because this is so nice and fluffy and cute and adorable and other words similar to that.
Firstly, I love how you use letter as their method of communication because despite of the modern technology (for example email) they still choose the traditional way and personally, I think letter makes it more romantic and personal and thus, I love that :D :D :D
And then, when Hyukjae comes home and meeting Donghae and the kids, that is so so so so so so so so adorable! And Donghae's shyness and his personality in overall, omg words can't express how much I love that. As for Hyukjae, sneaky as always I see what are you doing when you want to hire babysitter n__n (Or is it me having a pervert thought lol)
And the ending! Just perfect with Hyuk perhaps will take Donghae and the kids to France and live together okay <3

...Sorry if it doesn't make sense lol It's already midnight here and I want to sleep but then again I don't want to miss something good like this n__n It's like a midnight snack before sleeping hahaha

And sorry if I just comment now </3 I've only read your first story and I forgot to comment omg T__T I will comment later though <3
saltedboots: cat: prayingsaltedboots on May 8th, 2013 11:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the long-ass comment which makes sense, absolutely, because, well, you're right about a lot of things. Especially when Hyukjae was persistently asking for the babysitter to come watch the kids for them. Hoooowever, the ending is gearing towards Hyukjae actually going back from France to be with them, that's all.

aaaand I don't mind people not leaving comments; but comments are so nice, too. :D So, thank you! ^^
troubledutch: pic#120694766doubledutchh on May 23rd, 2013 12:37 am (UTC)
"infinitesimally close"
I see myself like the shy-type-running-away donghae and I think this is as well inspired by you. Wow we're shy. I luv this.
saltedboots: cat: prayingsaltedboots on May 23rd, 2013 11:41 am (UTC)
Come to think of it, I am... reserved like this too. Well, sometimes. High-five! XD
OH.. WELL - doubledutchh on May 23rd, 2013 11:48 am (UTC) (Expand)
oh god - saltedboots on May 23rd, 2013 12:03 pm (UTC) (Expand)
o to the m to the g - doubledutchh on May 23rd, 2013 12:58 pm (UTC) (Expand)
jewelf_13jewelf_13 on June 2nd, 2013 05:31 am (UTC)
but the kids,,,who's the mommy??
hehehe....ignore me...
it's better that way :P
Jacque ♥jacquejacque on July 8th, 2014 11:10 am (UTC)
Enjoyed and loved reading every bit. <3